XDOC: Cloud based Document Processing

Archiving, Accounting, Tax Compliant Invoicing and Document Exchange


Online archiving in compliance with the Accounting Ordinance (german GeBüV)

Your documents are the basis for your business. You have secure access to them via the Internet, no matter where you are.

You can authorize employees or your trustee to access and process the documents. Globally.

You can add descriptions and tags to your documents to make them easy to find.

You can copy your documents to the archive via upload, Web-DAV or e-mail. Within the platform, documents can be exchanged directly between participants (orders, invoices, etc.).

Long-term archiving is ensured by GeBüV-compliant electronic signatures.

Your documents are stored encrypted on servers in Switzerland.

Web Accounting

The integrated double-entry bookkeeping allows you full control over your finances (balance sheet and profit and loss account as well as VAT statements). True to the motto "no posting without document" you can link your postings to the uploaded documents and access the corresponding document and vice versa at any time from the posting.

Of course, your trustee or employee can also keep the accounts in the home office. You have access to the current status and the documents at any time. Global, with any Internet browser.

Using customer and vendor evaluations, you have an overview of your business partner relationships.



Messaging, pending issues

Pending issues and questions can be exchanged and processed with the integrated messaging tool between your employees and your trustee confidentially.

Business Partner Management

Business partners can be easily created, checked and managed using the central company index (Zefix) and the UID register. You can create notes for each business partner and thus easily save last meetings and specific data.



Document dispatch and e-bill

All uploaded documents will be signed by XDOC, on your behalf, GeBüV compliant. Every change to the document results in an invalid signature. As long as the signature is valid, it is also proof that the content is integer (unchanged).

You can download your signed document at any time and, for example, send it as an attachment by e-mail to your business partner. Alternatively, you can generate an e-mail in XDOC with a link to the document and send it to your business partner.

With the e-signature, your business partner is additionally protected against forgery and can verify and prove the integrity of the document at any time.

If your business partner has also opted for XDOC, you can send him the document directly to his inbox, thus ensuring maximum confidentiality and security during transmission.


November 2023: Budgeting
The budget can now be set up under Admin > Accounting > Budgeting. The deviation from the budget can be shown in the balance sheet and income statement (green: positive deviation for earnings, red: negative deviation for earnings).
September 2023: New VAT Codes
The new VAT tax rates (8.1%, 2.6% and 3.8%) valid from January 1st, 2024 have been implemented.
August 2023: Warehouse Management
A module for easy management of a material warehouse is in preparation.
December 2022: Two-factor login
Login with Google Authenticator. Go to 'Admin > Profile > Login Data' and press 'Change'.
August 2022: invoice and payment forms (QR)
Create an invoice with payment form or simply the QR form to attach to the invoice
June 2021: EBICS API
Send and receive payments resp. statements to and from banks UBS, CS, ZKB e Postfinance.
February 2021: OCR on PDF documents
OCR is now applied to all types of scanned PDF documents. The restrictions to color or grey scale scans have been eliminated.

Please note:

This application is currently in a productive stage, but still continuously improved. Availability may be limited for a short time during updates

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Thank you and enjoy XDOC!